Our Products

Organic Honey

All of our honey is raw, cold extracted from the hives with minimal interference to the bees as possible. Our organic honey comes from vast tracts of wildflower pastures around the world, untouched by pesticides or chemicals and where the air is pure.

As a company we are 100% chemical and drug free in all of our hive operations, neither do we heat treat or pasteurize our honey.


  • Honeycomb Honey
  • Filtered Pine Honey
  • Filtered Thyme Honey
  • Anzer Honey
  • Elwis Honey
  • Chestnut Honey
  • Filtered Anise Honey
  • Filtered Linden Honey
  • Bee Pollen

Organic Olive and Olive Oil

Silifke, also known as Celebi olives are one of Turkey’s superior quality table olive varieties. The harvest season ranges from October to November. The fruit is hand picked and then subjected to a stringent selection process to remove damaged olives.

These olives have been grown on our farm near Antalya, traditionally harvested by a farmer dedicated to producing the very best olives and using only organic techniques.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cold Pressed Olive Oil
  • Hot Pressed Olive Oil
  • Oily Black Olives
  • Black Olives – Breakfast
  • Green Olive
  • Crushed Green Olives
  • Green Olive with Sauce
  • Stuffed Green Olives

Organic Tahini

Tahini is made from sesame seeds that are soaked in water and then crushed to separate the bran from the kernels. The crushed seeds are soaked in salt water, causing the bran to sink. The floating kernels are skimmed off the surface, toasted, and ground to produce an oily paste.


  • Tahini – Water Mill
  • Tahini – Karafırın
  • Tahini – Scurfy

We now have the opportunity to showcase a wider variety of Turkish specialty foods.